Our Assets

Fresh Fish Hand Picked and Packed with Care

At Timurikan Trengganu we make quality control a top priority. All incoming seafood stock is inspected upon arrival. This includes visual inspection as well as temperature reading.

These fresh products are then transported into our refrigerated coolers where temperature is constantly monitored and maintained. Our ice machine is constantly running so that fresh ice can be applied to all incoming product.

Own Jetty

We have our own jetties, which are located in Endau, Johor.

Own Deep Sea Fishing Vessel

We have more than 15 Deep Sea Fishing Vessels to catch fishes.

Processing Centre

We have 2 Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) that able to process and frozen large quantity of fishes within hours of catch.

Advanced Detection Equipment

We have advanced detection tools such as wireless signal radio detector to detect raw fishes and its surrounding environment.

Advanced Navigation System

We also have our several advanced equipment for navigation in deep sea, such as, Marine Radar Navigator, Marine GPS, Marine AIS Navigator, and Satellite.

Cold room

We have our own 5 cold rooms with temperature at -20°C to maintain the freshness of fish.


We are using our own vehicles such as, forklift, pickup truck, and refrigerated container to ship fresh frozen fish to destination all our in Malaysia. We also supply our products to overseas.

Ice Maker

We have many ice makers that can produce a lot of ice within minutes.

Fish Tank

We have many fish tanks for storage purposes. All tanks will be in clean and good conditions to ensure freshness of the fish.